Holmes Lilley on the Importance of Networking and Building Relationships for Career Success

Networking is essential for career success, regardless of the industry you’re in. The benefits of networking are countless but, above all, connecting with others can help you build rapport both within and outside your field of expertise. Due to its numerous benefits, any successful professional will recommend networking as a focus for career development.

As an entrepreneur and general counsel, Holmes Lilley of Newport Coast, California, understands the importance of networking. With a proven record of leadership, strong legal counsel, and a keen business sense, Holmes successfully manages complex legal and business matters for small, mid-size, and publicly traded companies. Holmes recently founded Employer Defense Group, LLP, a law firm in Southern California. As well, he serves as general counsel and as a member of the executive management team for Chartwell Staffing Services. Below, he discusses the importance of networking for career development and success.

New Opportunities

Networking has the potential to provide endless opportunities. In fact, connecting with the right people, and developing strong relationships, can be vital to your career success. Therefore, pursuing networking opportunities and nurturing relationships with others in your organization, including your superiors, is a vital aspect of career development. As well, developing relationships with professionals from other companies, both within your industry and in related sectors, can be beneficial. These connections may be able to help you advance in your career, offer support when you’re pursuing a promotion, or provide you with advice and insight on how to reach certain goals. Finding a mentor may also be helpful, as they can provide other valuable introductions. Holmes Lilley suggests connecting with professionals who have already achieved the goal you are pursuing. They will be invaluable to your success. These individuals will be able to provide insight and advice, as well as connect you with the right people.

Learning from Others

Networking also allows you to learn from others. Having conversations with those in your field may help you solve complicated issues by opening your mind to alternative ideas and outcomes. In addition, speaking with other like-minded professionals can offer insight into new trends in your industry. As a lawyer, Holmes Lilley highly recommends networking with other legal experts, as well as professionals in other industries. An outsider’s opinion can often provide you with a new perspective and even help you to build new knowledge and skills.

Holmes Lilley on Practicing Valuable Skills

Regardless of your industry, networking allows you to practice valuable workplace skills. Most importantly, communication and interpersonal skills can be practiced when interacting with others. Holmes Lilley recognizes the importance of good communication, especially as a member of the legal community. When networking with peers, lawyers can practice their legal communication skills. In addition, interacting with others outside the industry offers the opportunity to practice conveying legal topics in a clear and simple manner.

General Counsel for both public and private companies located in Newport Coast, California. Juris Doctorate from Elon University.