Holmes Lilley on Difficulties Law Firms Are Facing During the Pandemic

While COVID-19 has made it clear that it’s here to stay for a little while longer, many businesses have taken the necessary steps to work around the challenges and difficulties it has created. Law firms were no exception. As the current pandemic rages on and the new normal becomes more palatable, law firms have to deal with many difficulties both at the office and the court.

Holmes Lilley of Newport Coast, California, is an accomplished general counsel for both public and private companies, with a proven record of leadership, strong legal counsel, and business acumen. His primary areas of expertise include workers’ compensation, wage and hour class action litigation management, commercial transactions, corporate governance, compliance, litigation management, mergers and acquisitions, and legal department management.

Oral Arguments

According to , Holmes Lilley, a Partner at Employer Defense Group, LLP the Supreme Court suspended oral arguments a few months ago. This was the first time this has happened since 1918. Many lower courts followed suit even going as far as canceling hearings and meetings not related to cases. Other courts, both district and criminal courts, have also turned to remote access and technology to continue their proceedings. This undoubtedly poses a great challenge for law firms that rely on in-person interactions to mount the best defense possible for their clients. And since this will likely be the case for many months to come, many legal experts are finding ways to make the best of these unusual circumstances and difficult times.

Holmes Lilley on Reevaluating Budgets

With these changes in place, many law firms have also come to the realization that it’s better to rethink their budgets. At this time, all options seem to be on the table. From t pay cuts to furloughs, law firms have to work on a tight budget. . While some companies are trying to cut expenses, others will probably have no option but to lay off staff, says Holmes Lilley.

Another related topic is partner pay. Hourly rates are being discussed openly in many law firms since clients are demanding more service for their money. This is why more firms have to come to a decision about compensating their top partners in a way that keeps the firm profitable and the rest of the hardworking partners and employees motivated.

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